Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here he is....

I know, I know... I'm a bad mom. I should have posted these the day we got him, but things have been crazy. With the shuttle launch postponed, I have time now to update everyone.

Thanks to everyone for your name suggestions... but he picked his own name and its... Zeus. He immediately responded to that one the first time, and from that point on it was his.

He is a doll... or should I say a carpet, as DH had requested. He is so calm and gentle.. perfect Berner mentality. He was house broken in 12 hours (!) (sorry Nat), he knows to chew on his toys and not on other stuff except for 2 mistakes. I get to come home every lunch now to let him outside, which is such a nice break from the crazy life I lead. He and Zorro are inseparable, and I must say Zorro seems much happier now that he has a playmate - he is quite the big brother, showing the little one the ropes like: see, that kid right there on the street, he's our neighbor and I like to bark at him... so come and bark with me and lets see how long it takes Mom to stay "Stop it!"... bark, bark, bark X2 (with the little one not quite sure what that sound is coming out of his month). Hilarious!

Lots more to write, but I will start slowly!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New puppy - need a name!

Yes, I know... we are nuts... but we are getting a puppy from the St-Hy Vet hospital. They called us! Anyhow, he is a 3 month old Bernese Mountain dog who is recovering from the nasty parvovirus. His sister is recovering also, and another sister is still in the hospital under care. You see, I did good... only adopting one dog!

He is going to be a Big dog, so we need a Big name. I suggested Zeus, but its not being universally accepted right now. So, calling all friends to post good male strong doggie names - keeping in mind that his older brother is named Zorro. I know you are lurking out there, and I really need some help as DH is suggesting names from his favorite show Babylon 5... or Sirius, Canis Major, as in the constalletion (not as in Harry Potter's Sirius Black which is what I thought). Sirius isn't bad, but its not easy to admonish with - go ahead, try it... the S is hard to do when you are mad!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Space Princess

Yes, folks.. I'm temporarily back from outer space. Things have been beyond crazy around here - between school for me, school for the kids, the Mission, activities for kids... well you all get the picture, there's been no time for blogging.

MBA is going great. I'm about to finish my third course, and right now my average is an A. I hope with this course, Human Resource Management, that I will be in the top of my class! I'm hoping to get a scholarship to defray some of the costs for school, so I am working very hard... and so is hubby, taking care of the house and the kids, letting me do homework and assignments.

The Mission is a space based mission aboard the space station. We have been training, producing documents (last count was 85), testing and retesting, and operating aboard the station. I am working shifts too, which is hard on everybody. It will all be worth it if this can help Parkinson's patience and people suffering from vestibular problems.

Tristan has had a rough year. Between school and the constant challenge to concentrate, hockey goalie on the B team even though he was told he would make A, a major infection in his leg that required his hospitalization... well, its been tough. On a brighter note, he got recruited into a AAA hockey team representing the entire South Shore - one of only 2 kids from our city! He also got recruited for intercity soccer - the same week! So he is playing majorly competitive sports in two areas, which is an adjustment for all of us as we are in this for the fun of it while other kids parents are fighting to get their kids more ice time or more field time.

Zachary is growing so fast, that he has almost caught up to Tristan. They are wearing about the same size pants now. Zach continues to be just bouncy with happiness, and loves grade 1 and homework. He did his first figure skating presentation this year, and played MAGH-2 level hockey. He is anxiously awaiting the start of the local soccer season!

Jacob continues to be our Munsch. He skipped terrible 2's and saved it all up for horrific 4's. Things have got to be his way, exactly, or else... well, you don't want to know. He continues to be our little blond boy, with a 'tude, who is growing nicely into his pants - he is finally wearing size 4, but the waist continues to be a challenge for this slight boy. He started figure skating lessons this year, and we finally understand why penguins run with their flippers behind them: balance. That is exactly how Jacob skates - full out, fast, with arms behind him he looks exactly like a penguin!

Kaitlynn is quite the young lady, with a tomboy 'tude. She has grown so much in the past year, its amazing. She has lost all her baby fat and she is quite lean and long. Her hair is beautiful and long and thick - Daddy has gotten quite good at doing ponytails now. She and Jacob are following gymnastic classes, and while she is all in pink she is no princess pushover! She also took figure skating lessons this winter, and she glides and goes at her own pace. She is quite comfortable on the ice.. who would have thought, given how scared she was to slip on the ice during her first winter here. She is going to be 4 real soon!

That's it for now!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthdays and News

We have a question we ask each other: bad news or good news first? Usually its bad news first. So first to the bad news. Kaitlynn's results came back from the retinal scan and she indeed has night blindness. What she has is rod/cone dystrophy, and not the other syndrome that eventually degenerates to complete blindness. What it does mean is that she cannot see in the dark. Additionally, her daytime vision is affected also but not nearly as bad as night time but it is mitigated by her glasses. There is nothing we can do either except track it and monitor the degeneration over time. Her doctor expects that it won't completely degenerate, but it has to be watched. I am quite zen about it, as I suspected for a while that something was just not right. DH has found it hard, but he is coming around (he figures her boyfriends can drive her around at night, when she wants to go out.). So I am getting in touch with the Montreal Institute for the Blind, to figure out if she needs to go to specialized school, looking into the waiting list for a Mira dog if it comes to that... see, all zen. She will be fine and she is a happy kid and that in the end is all that matters. Its up to us to keep her active and healthy - she is in a gym class and she is taking figure skating lessons and doing very well! - so see for yourselves... she is just fine.

Now onto birthdays!

DH turns 24!

Zach turns 6!

School is great and I am learning lots. Work is crazy - now we have the possibility of 2 more astronauts coming on board our mission so in scientific speak we may have an N of 9! Very exciting... but craziness, as these two late additions may mean "Going back to the USSR... you don't know lucky you are... back in.. back in..." sorry got carried away there.

Also, you will say I am crazy (don't you know that by now?), but I am also on the Conseil d'etablissement (PTA) for the boys school. I am also the parent rep at the school board. And I have just won a volunteer position on the Committee for the Family in our municipality - I was appointed officially just this week during the city's Council meeting. I know, I know, I know... but I guess my cocooning period is done and I am coming out and spreading my wings, and letting the wind take me where ever it seems fit to land.

I have other surprises up my sleeve (or should I say pant leg), so stay posted...even though I am only posting once a month now!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road Trip to Ottawa

I've survived my first two weeks at work, but talk about sending me for a crazy ride. I have a mission that is going to launch by next May, and while its really cool, its being thrown into the deep end from the moment you walk in the door!

In the midst of the crazyness, we had a road trip to Ottawa for my cousin's wedding. What a great time we all had, watching this strapping young man marry his sweet heart. I remember when I used to change his diapers... and now look at him:

The kids at the service... aren't they just adorable, and they were very well behaved.

Then it was off to the Museum of Civilization with Grammy Carol for a fun filled kids afternoon. Here are some pics of the kids having a great time:

Cutting out a circle with Grammy Carol's help.

Banging out a tune...

Welcome to my humble abode.

The desert is that way...

Not that way silly, this way...

Vrrrrooooommmmm.... heading down the highway!

More later when I have a bit more time!